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Ok folks. Here’s the FAQs!

We don’t have too many so far, but here are those that are coming up.

Topics below include: Recording, Sponsorship, Swag, T-Shirts and Volunteering.

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Are you recording the event? We’re not shouting about this, but yes we are. We understand that sometimes, despite best efforts, there will be clashing sessions, or the timezone is particularly challenging (sorry APAC!). Videos will be processed after the event. You’ll find them listed, once up, on our Sessions pages; we expect it to take a little over 2 weeks. BUT you will be missing out on the opportunity to ask our expert speakers questions, and the Collaboration Conversations and Connections won’t be recorded.



Are you still accepting sponsors? We’re happy to report that our sponsorship packages sold out. Register your interest here if you want to go on our sponsorship mailing list for the next Nonprofit Dreamin.



For those that signed up early, they could opt in to receive swag. We’re in the process of delivering this, but we’re definitely talking months for some parts of the world due to various logistical and cost factors. Basically it’ll be a pleasant surprise when it arrives(!) If you haven’t opted in, our order has now gone to our supplier, so this option has now closed.



You can order your Nonprofit Dreamin T-shirt here, in partnership with #shirtforce.



All those who opted to receive more information about volunteering should have now received these details.


Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy

As a reminder here are our Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy, which apply to all Nonprofit Dreamin participants (organisers, attendees and sponsors).

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