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When you participate in Nonprofit Dreamin, our intention is that you can take the info for yourself and your organization to innovate, grow and make an immediate impact. We have content to streamline admin work- free tools (who wouldn’t want that) and automation- project management, engagement, and key metrics to check.

We are excited to announce our session speakers!




We are also building a space for you to connect and collaborate with colleagues on how they handle things- like ongoing headaches with your current process or something you’ve been wanting to implement- so you can tweak and learn best practices (cool right!?!). We’ll let you know more about that piece a bit later…

Now that you have a better idea of what’s to come, definitely make sure you schedule time out of your calendar for the two half-day event. We look forward to seeing you at Nonprofit Dreamin 28-29 Jan 2021!



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