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Community Connection – Aaron Crosman

Aaron Crosman – Committee Member Post

Committee Connection is a series of blog posts from our members about why we are volunteering and helping Nonprofit Dreamin become a reality.

Portrait of Aaron CrosmanAaron is a Senior Specialist at Attain where he helps their nonprofit and higher education clients make the most of their Salesforce orgs and makes sure their solutions are successful in supporting their missions. You can read more from Aaron in his blog. Aaron is the team leader of the Marketing Committee in Nonprofit Dreamin.

When I first heard that Nonprofit Dreamin was in the works, I knew I wanted to get involved in making it happen. My entire career has been involved either working at or in support of nonprofits. Even when I’ve worked at companies that served a wider variety of clients, I always sought out the nonprofit clients because I wanted to help make sure their work was successful.

My family also has a long tradition of working in support roles with nonprofits. I started my career in the IT department of a moderately large organization and grew into a role that involved coordinating their digital marketing. The skills I gained from that first position is what I love to share the most with nonprofits and that’s why I signed onto the marketing team for Nonprofit Dreamin.

Personally, marketing support is the perfect intersection of the technology that I love to work and the actual mission of an organization. Outreach efforts need to have a clear, honest, and informed voice about the work of the organization. That means, on top of having to understand and use some cutting edge tools, you have to understand the work itself. It’s not enough to know how to keep the web site technically working if it doesn’t support the message of the organization. It’s not enough to track all your donors in Salesforce if you cannot use that information to understand them and help them understand your organization better. Nothing in my career has annoyed me more than platforms that claim to help organizations but instead hold them back.

Nonprofit Dreamin is a chance to help organizations learn about how Salesforce can move them forward and those are always places I like to be.

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