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Community Connection – Akash Mishra

Committee Connection is a series of blog posts from our members about why we are volunteering and helping Nonprofit Dreamin become a reality.


Akash MishraAkash Mishra is the Salesforce Technical Lead at Dazeworks. He is the co-organizer of Nonprofit Dreamin and member of the Logistics Team. 

My passion and interest towards nonprofit organizations started when I was young, I learned about the importance of social causes watching my mother work in a small group for a regional NGO in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India. It’s always been a dream to uplift organizations who are dedicated on bringing change to the worId. I am using my nine years’ experience in the tech industry to make that a reality, by volunteering my time and leveraging technology for nonprofits to grow their impact -from providing vital and basic services to giving voice to the voiceless, nonprofit organizations fill every type of role you can imagine. They change lives and enrich them; mobilize communities and build them.

Being part of the vibrant Salesforce community gives me an opportunity to think beyond. I feel that there is a need for the nonprofit community to have a dedicated space to collaborate. With the help of global Salesforce superstars and like-minded community champions, we have been able to come together and bring forth ‘Nonprofit Dreamin’- a little token of appreciation to our nonprofit community, by the nonprofit community.

I also want to take a moment to thank our Nonprofit Dreamin team who’s working tirelessly to turn this dream into reality and also want to say that we are overwhelmed by the responses and all the support we are getting from the entire community across the globe.

With huge thanks to our sponsors