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Nonprofit Dreamin – meet the sponsors helping making it happen

Kruvi Solutions



It has been an incredible and exciting past few months for Nonprofit Dreamin. From the birth of an idea to ticket registration opening and the signing up of our first two sponsors, the response of the nonprofit community to the vision of providing a dedicated, inclusive community to collaborate, build relationships, and learn within the Salesforce ecosystem, has been overwhelming!

So far we’ve got 800 followers on social media and our mailing list and 139 presentation submissions. And that’s just the warm up!

Within 24 hours of sponsorship officially opening, we had two sponsors sign up, giving their backing, supporting our vision and mission, and, of course, reserving their places for the highly sought-after DemoJam. This is where app providers pit their wits against each other to demonstrate who has the best Salesforce-based solution – and the winner will be decided, live, on the day, by our Nonprofit Dreamin attendees!

Let’s meet these Champions!

Kruvi Solutions

Kruvi Solutions stepped up to the plate and was the first to respond. Want scheduling software, whether for managing shift-worker and volunteer appointments, interviews or tasks and SLAs, then they have the solution for you.

“Nonprofit Dreamin is an incredible opportunity to meet, and learn from, hundreds of people who contribute to organisations that help others on a daily basis. It’s an opportunity to interact and to discover new possibilities to make the world an ever-so-slightly better place.” says Amnon Kruvi (Director of Kruvi Solutions,14x certified and Salesforce MVP)

“I started Kruvi Solutions so that I could help the people around me. That will forever be the goal and spirit of the company so it was only natural that this would be Kruvi Solutions’ first major sponsorship.”



FormAssembly, the #1 web form building platform for Salesforce, was also keen to support our efforts. “FormAssembly is honored to be a sponsor of the first-ever Nonprofit Dreamin. Anyone in the Salesforce Ohana knows how important Dreamin’ events are for growth and collaboration among the ecosystem, and we can’t wait to be a part of that yet again! We have no doubt that the event will be a huge success given the dedicated leaders behind it.” says Hayley McNitt, Event Coordinator for FormAssembly.

Thanks to Kruvi Solutions and FormAssembly, Nonprofit Dreamin can now secure our preferred interactive virtual platform, ensuring the 28th and 29th January 2021 will be an excellent event to remember!

Do you know someone that is interested in sponsoring? Or if you want to reach our audience of nonprofit professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem then let us know. We’ve got more ideas up our sleeves but need sponsorship to make that happen! Check out our sponsorship packages – spaces are limited! There are also t-shirt and swag-related opportunities, but those options close in just 1 week! (payment and swag choices need to be made by 8th December).

With huge thanks to our sponsors