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Want to Contribute Your Skills to Nonprofit Dreamin?

Are you committed to helping nonprofit organizations #domoregood? But you need some inspiration on what topics might be helpful or to get your creative juices flowing, before our Call for Speakers deadline? (it’s end of Saturday, 7th November by the way!)

Great session submissions are coming in all the time, and the deadline is just a couple days away, but we really want as many great session submissions as we can get. The Nonprofit Dreamin Content Team has come up with a great list of ideas to help you help us make the best event possible. If you need ideas start with one of these and make it your own or be truly innovative and of course feel free to share something we haven’t even considered.

The goal of all the content at Nonprofit Dreamin is to provide learning that attendees can take back to their nonprofit, implement quickly, and see the results in the impact they are making.

Our team will be following up with attendees to measure how effectively they are able to use the knowledge from the conference. Wherever your passion lies, whether it is Einstein Search or updating picklist values to be diverse and inclusive or implementing Outbound Funds, you can make the world a better place by presenting at Nonprofit Dreamin.


Session Ideas

  1. Donor and Grant Management
    1. Top ten things I wish I knew before migrated from our old fundraising software to Salesforce
    2. “Who gets the credit?” (hard credit, soft credit)
    3. Latest and greatest on gift entry
    4. Outbound Funds – what is it & do I need it for my org?
    5. How to efficiently track your grant applications
    6. “My donor data is good. Now what?” (share ideas on next steps especially for donor identification/next steps)
    7. Show and Tell: How we track both inbound and outbound funds in Salesforce
  2. Program Management
    1. I want to track my students and parents in Salesforce.
    2. Using Campaigns for Everything vs. Creating Custom Objects for Programs and Enrollments
    3. Help me with PMM vs Case Management vs “Cases”!
  3. Volunteer Management
    1. Flows for contactless volunteer check in
    2. I installed V4S. Now what?
  4. Integrations (specifically, third party apps for online donations, mail merge, duplication management, etc.)
    1. How Can I Stop My Donation Platform From Creating Duplicate Contacts?
    2. Do I Really Want to integrate my marketing automation software?
    3. How to send Acknowledgements by mail using a third party app and a custom Microsoft Word Template
    4. My favorite Nonprofit-friendly Apps in the AppExchange
    5. Tools to get your survey online & talking to SF in a jiffy
    6. What to look for in a 3rd party app
    7. How can I collect Data on my website and get it into Salesforce?
  5. Communities/Experience Cloud
    1. How I Built This – What we’ve done with Communities for our nonprofit
    2. Make your community more constituent-friendly with CMS & Audiences
    3. Association Management with SF & Communities
  6. Dealing with Technical Debt
    1. Nobody Trusts Salesforce, How Can I Fix It?
    2. Migrating to the Household Account model
  7. Data – Reporting, Visualization, keeping data clean, etc.
    1. Great Program Dashboards
    2. Watch Your Fundraising Pipeline In Real Time
    3. Taming the mass of constituent survey data in Salesforce
    4. Nonprofit Data is Gold – how to keep it clean and shiny?
    5. PowerBI, Einstein, Tableau – Choosing the right tool for your nonprofit data
    6. DEI in your data
    7. How to track Budget vs Actuals in Salesforce
  8. Getting Started
    1. Total Cost of Ownership, Budgeting for product and staff
    2. Loading your Donations to Salesforce: Migrating Excel Spreadsheets using the NPSP Data Importer
    3. Is Salesforce Enough? What other core 3rd party tools round out Nonprofit needs
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. ED/Stakeholder Checklist for Choosing SFDC
    2. Finance A-Z , from GAUs to Accounting Subledger
    3. Elevate/Processing Gateways – how to choose
    4. DEI initiatives within the SFDC Nonprofit Ecosystem
    5. “How to use the 10 free SFDC licenses if my nonprofit can’t afford a FTE Admin”
    6. So many NPSP resources! When to use what! (Trailhead, Power of Us, User’s Groups, NPSP docs)
    7. How to pass the NPSP exam or Do I need the NPSP cert and how do I study for it?
    8. Panel/Roundtable with: ED’s, Fundraisers, Programs, Sectors (education, food, workforce), small Nonprofits using SF, etc.
    9. “Love my custom object” (Animal, food, etc.)


And when your ready? Submit your session here (just do it before end of 7th November!)

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