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What is Nonprofit Dreamin

This pushing-the-boundaries conference is created for, and by, nonprofit professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem, and centered around providing you a dedicated, inclusive space to collaborate, build relationships and learn best practices.

Whether you’re a volunteer, an employee, or a consultant we know you have your nonprofit’s best interests at heart. You’re using Salesforce on a regular basis – whether brand new and asking “What does it do?”, to the more seasoned “What else can it do?” kinds of questions, with quite a few intermediate “But how do I get there?” questions thrown in too.


28th and 29th January 2021!

Being Real

Nonprofit Dreamin is designed with you in mind, and the reality of both your day-to-day challenges, such as the environment which we all now live, work and learn in.

Like you we’re fed up with webinars and we think there’s a better way. Nonprofit Dreamin will be pushing boundaries. There will be hands-on sessions, opportunities for socializing, getting to meet new people, and to learn. We really mean this. In our Call for Content we ask and will grade session submissions on “What ideas do you have for making the session engaging for the audience?”.

90% of our content will be live (give or take; we are inclusive and so don’t want to exclude those presenters with bandwidth issues) and we will be ensuring you have the opportunity to participate, engage and discuss ideas with our expert team of presenters and attendees.

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