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What’s in a Mascot?

Community Connection – Gurleen Singh

Committee Connection is a series of blog posts from our members about why we are volunteering and helping Nonprofit Dreamin become a reality.

Gurleen Singh is the leader of the Ashburn,VA Salesforce Women In Tech User Group with a community of close to 300 members. She is working as an Admin/Business Analyst. Gurleen’s experience with multiple nonprofit organizations and market research adds value to the content and fun committees. Gurleen’s design studio led to the creation of Nonprofit Dreamin’s logo and the birth of the crane.

What’s in a mascot?

It all began the day when Melissa Hill Dees shared her vision with us of having a Salesforce-related nonprofit conference. She wanted to make a team, so she posted in the community. I always loved the idea of giving back so I volunteered to make it happen. Having worked with multiple nonprofits myself, I knew that this project is going to be special.

Our vision is to provide collaboration with good content and a chance to make meaningful connections. This vision took us on a ride to find a mascot for our mission! As we were trying to determine the details of the virtual conference, one of the key items we needed to establish early was designing the Nonprofit Dreamin logo. The idea of a brand is not just a logo but a personality resonates with me. I wanted our mascot to stand out and build a strong emotional connection with people and give them a reason to smile.

Why a mascot?

Well, there are a number of benefits of having a mascot:

  1. It forms a physical and emotional connection with your audience.
  2. It stands out and gives the audience a reason to smile and connect.
  3. Social Media loves mascots! It gives you an identity.

There were other reasons we wanted a mascot too- to represent the things that people in the nonprofit world have in common, such as the desire for peace and giving back to the community.

I spent hours researching to find an animal or a bird which is kind and peaceful. I had quite a few that came to mind, like dolphins, elephants, etc. There are a lot of qualities that they had, but what stood out to me was the Crane’s desire to not give up and peace was a showstopper. Cranes are the most optimistic birds, from waiting long hours for a catch to having the lowest survival rate from their eggs. They overcome challenges and move on to a brighter tomorrow. With all these qualities, I feel the crane is the best mascot for Nonprofit Dreamin.

Let’s come together, collaborate, connect and create an amazing community.

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