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Community Connection – Grace Kim

Community Connection- Grace Kim


Committee Connection is a series of blog posts from our members about why we are volunteering and helping Nonprofit Dreamin become a reality.


Grace Kim

Grace Kim is the Head of Strategic Management at Goldhill Management, LLC. Her passion of using technology to create solutions and expertise as a nonprofit executive are valuable in making Nonprofit Dreamin a great success. Grace is a team leader of the Fun Committee and here’s a fun way to learn about her involvement in Nonprofit Dreamin.




Hi! My name is Grace Kim and I created an Acrostic Poem as a unique way to share how and why I got involved in Nonprofit Dreamin!


N is for Nonprofit. We all have an underlying love for nonprofits!
O is for Open Community. Behind the NPD scenes, it’s been a great community of people who have been working tirelessly to make this event a reality. And, during the initial planning meetings, I was secretly fangirling!
N is for Network. We have a powerful network of committee members, speakers, sponsors and attendees.
P is for Power of Us. Through the Power of Us Hub, I heard about the first “Nonprofit Dreamin” planning meeting!
R is for Relationships. Did you know that in our V2MOM, we put “Building Relationships” in our Vision Statement?
O is for Open. This word deserves a second mention! We are open to all and please volunteer at: [email protected]
F is for Fun. It’s going to be a FUN event, and I’m proud member of the “Fun Committee”!
I is for Inclusion. We are a very inclusive group, respecting individual differences and perspectives.
T is for Technology. Not only do we love nonprofits, but we all have a love for technology, especially when technology can further a nonprofit’s mission!

D is for Dreamin. This is the inaugural Dreamin event focused solely on nonprofits – how can you resist?
R is for Resounding Responses. We have received resounding responses from our “Call for Speakers” and “Call for Sponsors”. I think we are onto something!
E is for Ecosystem. Within the Salesforce Ecosystem, Nonprofit Dreamin is the latest and greatest addition (and missing piece!)
A is for Akash. Akash Mishra, who is based in India, is one of our Nonprofit Dreamin co-leaders. If you haven’t met him, reach out to him. He is the sweetest person I have met in my new virtual world!
M is for Melissa. Melissa Hill Dees is our other NPD co-leader, based in Decatur, Georgia. She’s seems to know everyone and everything, and I am so appreciative of her warmth!
I is for International Although time zone math can be challenging, I love that this committee is comprised of international members who are committed to delivering an amazing event!
N is for Newbie Yup, that’s me! I’m often giving the “Newbie” perspective, and I tell people that Salesforce is the best thing to happen to me during COVID! I can’t wait to meet all my new friends in person someday!

“See” you on January 28th and 29th! Join us here.



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