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How I empowered my users with personalised, skills based training pathways

This session will demonstrate how I approached user training to empower my users to take responsibility for learning the Salesforce skills they need for their role.

There are two universal truths about non-profit workers – we will go anywhere with free food, and we are always working at maximum capacity. So, when rolling out a new Salesforce system at my charity, I knew I needed a training approach that didn’t overburden my users and was also manageable for me as a solo, part-time Admin.

I will share my design for a skills based training programme where users identify the Salesforce skills required to deliver in their role and only access the training they really need. Benefits include:
– Users can see exactly how the skills they are learning contribute to their role, increasing their engagement and motivation
– Analysing skills gaps is ongoing, so it is sustainable as roles evolve and is inclusive for new starters
– Users have a deep understanding of their tasks, so are not reliant on guides that are time consuming to keep updated
– Users can see how adopting Salesforce has contributed to their personal development

You will take away from this session an understanding of this approach tackling the challenge of training users and a 5 point plan to implementing it in your own organisation.

You can download the session slidedeck here.

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