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Office to couch in two weeks: Transitioning 2,000 Salesforce users to securely work from home

The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for staff and volunteers in all workplaces. At NCS Trust we had to quickly transform our policies and processes to move 2000 Salesforce users working in offices and call centres to their living rooms without compromising the security of volunteers’ personal, medical and financial data.

We’ll share the practices we developed to ready our network of nonprofits and partners to make calls, take payments and collect medical information securely from home. We’ll explain the strategies and considerations we applied to:
– Develop and share working from home policies
– Collecting policy confirmation through electronic signatures
– Coordinate staff risk assessments

We’ll also show how with minor customisations we made the most of Salesforce features to interact with users more efficiently – using Chatter polls for temperature checks, sharing of guidance and updates, and query response, Cases for technical and system support, and flow for gathering of key medical information.

And the best of all? We’ll demo how we collected and stored bank details securely using Communities, Flow and Shield platform encryption to facilitate refund of 15,000 cash payments.

You’ll leave the session with a ready-to-use security checklist developed with Salesforce security at the forefront. Adopting policies like this in advance will help your organisation rapidly adapt to changing circumstances of all kinds and should be a key part of any disaster recovery strategy.

You can download the session slidedeck here.

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