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Nonprofit Dreamin wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Let’s meet them!



ActiveCampaign’s category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform helps over 120,000 businesses in 170 countries meaningfully engage with their customers. The platform gives businesses of all sizes access to hundreds of pre-built automations that combine email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning for powerful segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text. Over 70% of ActiveCampaign’s customers use its 300+ integrations including Shopify, Square, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Salesforce. ActiveCampaign scores higher in customer satisfaction than any other solution in both Marketing Automation and CRM All-In-One on Pricing starts at just $9/month. Start a free trial at


Arkus logo

Arkus, Inc. is a Salesforce Gold Partner and a Premium Partner. We are a group of Salesforce and platform implementation experts and active members of the Salesforce community. Arkus provides ethical and fiscally responsible business services to organizations of any size, both for-profit and nonprofit.



Attain believes transformation happens when people, process, and technology align. Dedicated to sectors underserved by technology, we’ll help you execute your vision and mission with purpose to achieve remarkable results. The Attain Salesforce Services Group works with Nonprofits to help them reach their supporters and support their mission.



Buzzbold promotes purposeful and strategic organizational advancement through human-focused design, automated processes, and captivating digitally-facilitated experiences. Our clients’ successes are evident in acceleration toward their missions and building new capacity, new revenue, and new relationships. Our contributions serve to deepen their connections, engagement, learning; and equip them for empowerment and strengthening of whole communities and the reduction of inequities. Founded by President Steven Ley, Buzzbold has been amplifying nonprofit culture and strengths through digital innovation since 2011. Buzzbold is a Registered Partner.


Coastal Cloud

Coastal Cloud is a full lifecycle nonprofit consulting and Premium Partner with We have cross-cloud expertise and are experts at tailoring and deploying Salesforce to meet the unique requirements of each customer across the Salesforce platform. We enjoy one of the highest ‘customer satisfaction ratings’ of any Salesforce partner in North America. Coastal Cloud is women led and 100% on-shore.


Demand Blue

DemandBlue has pioneered an innovative On Demand Services (ODS) model that provides companies with outstanding advantages compared to other engagement models. ODS includes a 1:1 relationship with a dedicated Customer Success Manager guarantees knowledge retention and availability at low entry costs and short setup times, flexibility and scalability for improved capacity management, converts fixed costs into managed variable costs for enhanced transparency of resource consumption and access to our Customer Portal for definition and monitoring of services and more!



Event Bridge brings your Eventbrite events into Salesforce. Specially designed to work with NPSP. Links to multiple Eventbrite accounts. Helps you build your tribe and fulfil their needs.


exponent partners

Exponent Partners drives the digital transformation of philanthropy, education, and human services nonprofits. As a proud Nonprofit Dreamin’ sponsor and premium partner, our certified consultants can help improve your organization’s program outcomes for greater impact.

Based on our advanced knowledge working with human services agencies, we developed Exponent Case Management, the leading app on the Salesforce AppExchange for comprehensive case management functionality that can accommodate any type of program.

Founded in 2005 in San Francisco, we have a team of over 50 nonprofit experts located across the U.S. and Canada—and we’re growing! As a mission-driven social enterprise and B Corp, we believe technology can drive social change and propel the nonprofit sector forward. Join us on Twitter @Exponent_SF and LinkedIn for the latest resources, case studies, and news.


Felton Institute Circe

CIRCE was originally developed for Felton Institute and used for seven years across multiple Felton programs ranging from their Economic Security Initiative to their Early Psychosis Program. The product revolutionized the way they served their clients and was the key to taking the struggling then 129 year old nonprofit from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a leading innovator in the mental health and social services sector. With CIRCE, Felton turned its business around. CIRCE Software, Inc. was founded in 2011 to make CIRCE solutions available to human service providers worldwide.



FormAssembly helps organizations take control of the data collection process. With a powerful web form and data collection platform, companies can streamline outdated processes and drive essential business initiatives in any industry. The customizable, user-friendly platform empowers your team, and integrations with platforms like Salesforce increase efficiency organization-wide. Company leadership can feel confident in FormAssembly’s ingrained security and quality customer service.


HiFi Consulting Group

HiFi helps nonprofits leverage Salesforce to sustainably scale programs and solve complex problems. We build custom apps, rich communities, Lightning web components, custom APEX code, third-party integrations, metrics & KPIs, and much more to deliver cost-effective, measurable solutions.



Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections you’ve created for them.



ImagineCRM are passionate about creating technology solutions for nonprofits, foundations, and other social sector organizations that aid mission delivery, fundraising, and grant making. We create innovative technology solutions for nonprofits, foundations, and other social sector organizations that encourage growth, increase efficiency, and emphasize transparency while reducing administrative costs.


Isimio Scheduling by Kruvi Solutions

Ismio Scheduling create tools to manage resources on Salesforce.

Our volunteer management suite of tools is perfect for managing dynamic, remote teams. Roster shifts and receive recommendations for the best candidates, while automatically checking for policy breaches and skill requirements. Communicate with your volunteers using our mobile app, which features chat, open shifts, availability reporting, and GPS-enabled time & attendance. Calculate gross pay and bill rates according to hours worked with advanced, flexible rate cards… and more!

Other than volunteers, our flexible resource scheduler can be used to manage any data with a date or time component. From case deadlines to meetings, to medical consultations, and even live horses!

We are proud of our values as a business, and volunteer countless hours to mentoring, tutoring, and helping our fellow members of the Ohana.


Left Propeller

Left Propeller is a boutique consulting firm that helps nonprofits implement and leverage the power of’s cloud technology to deepen relationships, increase donations, and streamline mission-focused operations.



LlamaSite is a solution builder that combines Salesforce’s power with a customizable website and CMS. It runs directly on top of Salesforce as a Salesforce App without external integrations. Because it uses Salesforce directly as its data source, you have one source of truth, secure data access, and a 360-degree view of data.

LlamaSite is designed for rapid development and implementation. You can test and launch a solution in a matter of days or weeks and iterate quickly. Low-code, point-and-click tools as well as standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript, plus all the Salesforce features that are already available to you, make LlamaSite highly customizable, flexible, scalable, and adaptable while simple to maintain.
LlamaSite can handle all your website and portal-like needs, such as forms, applications, catalogs, payments, account login, forums, knowledge bases, blogs, online communities, board management, fundraising portals, self service portals, support centers, special projects/initiatives, surveys, and more. Plus, each experience can be further refined by designated levels of access within LlamaSite itself.

If you use Salesforce, LlamaSite is the fastest and most powerful way to build a connected experience for your customers and constituents. Engage your users with LlamaSite.



Mogli is a native Salesforce application leveraging robust SMS, WhatsApp, and Text to Speech functionality like bulk messaging, surveys and forms, one-to-one conversations, text-to-pay, and elegant automation. The app supports NPSP and any custom data architecture, making it a perfect solution to scale digital communications in any org.


Now IT Matters logo

Now IT Matters implements change and manages technology for nonprofits and social impact organizations. We establish and leverage healthy technology and data practices, deliver new functionality, offer support for day-to-day adjustments, and provide best-practices recommendations for the unique challenges our clients face.



OwnBackup, the leading cloud data protection platform, provides secure, automated, daily backups of SaaS and PaaS data, as well as sophisticated data compare and restore tools for disaster recovery.

Helping more than 2,600 businesses worldwide protect critical cloud data, OwnBackup covers data loss and corruption caused by human errors, malicious intent, integration errors, and rogue applications.

Built for security and privacy, OwnBackup exceeds the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for backed-up data. Co-founded by seasoned data-recovery, data-protection, and information-security experts, OwnBackup is a top-rated backup and restore ISV on Salesforce AppExchange and was awarded the Salesforce Appy Award in 2018. OwnBackup ranks number 25 on the 2020 Financial Times Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies list and 79 on the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list. Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., with R&D, support, and other functions in Tel Aviv and London, OwnBackup is the vendor of choice for some of the world’s largest users of SaaS applications.



Leading nonprofits, trade associations, disruptive startups and Fortune 100 companies use Phone2Action (with KnowWho and GovPredict) to stay on top of legislative and regulatory developments, engage stakeholders and mobilize advocates to secure legislative and regulatory wins. Our capabilities cover all the technology needs of government relations, advocacy and public affairs teams to operate with confidence:
– industry-leading advocacy and communication tools
– the broadest set of local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory intelligence,
– all powered by the most thorough and accurate database of decision makers and staff available in the industry


Proton Text

Proton Text is a complete SMS texting solution for Lightning Experience, ideal for non-profits and NPSP. Text your clients, donors, and volunteers and link those conversations to their records and any related records you choose. Automated appointment reminders and other text notifications are easy with the free library of Processes and Flows. The Proton Blaster component blasts texts to thousands of recipients – it’s as easy as a calendar appointment! With sliding scale pricing for non-profits – and a $500 startup credit from – this is an affordable solution for non-profit organizations of every size and mission. Proton Text is a proud Pledge 1% member. Contact us for a live demo.


Salesforce Trailblazer Community Groups

The Trailblazer Community helps everyone thrive in the Salesforce economy. We welcome all, and we love to succeed together. Join us as we learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. Join Community Groups to learn Salesforce with your peers, build your network, and find mentors.



Sercante helps organizations of all kinds be wildly successful on the Salesforce & Pardot platforms with processes that scale efficiently & effectively.



Technopath is a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in consulting and training for nonprofits and Salesforce career seekers. Technopath’s model is two-fold. Technopath offers training and apprenticeships for those interested in a career as Salesforce Administrators alongside our consulting practice that focuses on implementation, enhancement, and maintenance programs for nonprofits to help them utilize the platform to its fullest potential. Their vision is to create a space where individuals and nonprofits can leverage technological and strategic resources to better themselves and their communities.

Technopath was founded by Sarah Epting in March of 2020, who has over ten years of experience working as a marketing and development Director for nonprofit before concentrating specifically on her role as a Salesforce Administrator. Her experience in the industry, along with holding an MPA in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University and 6 Salesforce certifications, including Salesforce’s nonprofit cloud consulting certification, puts her in a unique position to understand the technological needs nonprofit organizations have. She is currently working with the CDC Foundation to assist with their Salesforce data analytics in an effort to help the organization raise funds for their Crush Covid efforts. Her next round of Salesforce Admin training begins in mid-February 2021.


Time Technology

Time Technology is a lean and agile Salesforce Consultancy specialising in delivering the Salesforce platform to non-profits. We are privileged to work with charities in the UK and US, delivering strategic and practical solutions that add value and increase impact.

We listen, we question, and we dig deep to really understand each charity’s unique challenges and most importantly, their aspirations for growth. Our certified Consultants are specialists in the Salesforce platform, the Non-Profit Success Pack and Communities, and develop sophisticated automations, Lightning components, and third-party integrations to significantly increase efficiency and support improved user journeys.

Our commitment to non-profits was strengthened in 2020, with the addition of a specialist Senior Charity Consultant. With over 16 years leadership experience in charities, they offer advice and guidance at every stage, help end users articulate their requirements and ensure even the most technical solutions are understood by non-technical users.

We are passionate about knowledge sharing and provide customised training for each charity based on their solution and the level of self-sufficiency they require.

We are the experts you want, to deliver the solution you need, through a partnership you can trust. Let’s have a conversation today!


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